via Daily Prompt: Messy

Previously when I thought about the word messy, I used to think it was a bad thing…like a messy room that my parents always wanted me to clean and organize. A messy room that would result in my not going out with friends because I had not cleaned up the pile of clothes on the floor. I had not made the bed and stacks of books (which I love) were all over the place.  Now when I think about messy, I consider the message that can come out of the mess. God created heaven and earth out of the mess that was chaos and void. Out of that messy atmosphere, God created the world that is around us. Shining stars, trees, creatures, large and small, the galaxy, waterfalls and sea shells came out of the messy environment. And with all of creation came a message. God loves us. God loves you and you and you! So when things get messy, consider the message that is found in the messiness. “Even when life is messy, you are loved.”  BTW, I did learn how to clean my messy room.

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