O, God, help me understand this child!

As a parent or grandparent have you ever prayed that prayer? I have…many times. As the mother of my five, I  know that they are in my care for a season. Our sacred seeds have been entrusted to us and we are stewards of their learning, growth and spiritual development.

There were times in the early, quiet hours of the morning when I  would tiptoe downstairs to the family room. There I would find my mahogany rocking chair waiting by the fireplace with comforting arms and a warm, cozy blanket to wrap around me. In that little space, I  would rock and pray. This is the same rocking chair where each baby had been rocked, nursed and had lullabyes sung to them. However, at times I needed solitary moments between God and me. How I cherished those times when as a new parent, I could take my concerns to the throne of prayer.  I knew that when I did not have the answers to my questions and concerns about being a new mother, I could go to the Designer and Creator of my little one for answers and wisdom. I have five children and each one is different in personality and demeanor. So as you can inagine, I  spent quite a bit of time in my rocking chair over the years. The power of prayer is available to any and all parents (and grandparents) who use it. And you don’t have to have a rocking chair!

God is faithful.  God is always there to guide parents. Our first child is a daughter. Her dad and I read every book on parenting that we could get our hands on in those early years. We also asked our seasoned parents and friends about child raising tips and strategies. Fortunately, she was an easy going and mild mannered firstborn. We adjusted easily to her personality and fell into the parenting role quite nicely. Then along came her sister a few years later. She added greatly to our growing family. I love her dearly as my daughter.  She, however has a story that is a blog for another time. Stay tuned …

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