Children are special in God’s eyes! Children are promises from God that the world continues in spite of the mess we have made of it. Children are the seeds in God’s garden. They need our nurturing, protecting, and guidance to blossom into the beautiful fruits and flowers of the garden.

Take a deep breath (or two or ten!) and count your blessings you receive from your sacred seed(s). You got this!

Parents you have power to grow these sacred seeds who dwell among us. They may not look like much as they struggle to learn and grow. They may not be willing to listen and obey. They may enjoy getting on “your last nerve” after a hectic, busy day. They may argue that they are not sleepy as their eyes get heavy and droop. They may question everything you say with “why?” The list goes on and on. I invite you to add your own examples of how your sacred seeds like to push you to the limit.

Remember this…you are empowered and equipped to make a difference in their lives. It will not always be a walk around the park, especially when you feel overwhelmed and exhausted. But it is the best work that you will ever do. The rewards are endless and the joy is immeasurable. Just remember, “this too shall pass.” Enjoy them while you can and teach them how to make the best of their lives with gratitude. We only have our sacred seeds for a season before they grow up and go out into the world to fulfill their purpose and destiny.

Until next time, Shalom!

One thought on “Sacred Seeds

  1. When parents are facing tough days, and even good days, they should read this message to support their purpose and give them strength; to remind them of the amazing responsibility they have been given, and to reenforce their beliefs in their divine mission granted to them by God.

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