News flash! My oldest grandchild just graduated from high school. Say what? Perhaps you have a child or grandchild who has achieved a major milestone in life. First tooth? First steps? A pre-school graduation? A high school or college graduation? A wedding? A first job? Military service? You fill in the blanks.

Where does the time go? I like to say it is the child who is getting older, not the adults! Enjoy your children while you can. Before too long, they mature and move out on their own. That is what we train and prepare them to do. We want them to become independent and responsible adults.

We have them in our nest for a season and then we launch them to fly out of the nest and to soar on their own wings. Of course we will always have them in our hearts, no matter how old or how far away they are.

So enjoy them as much as possible while they are around. What does that look like? Enjoying them means spending time with them. Enjoying them means eating a meal around the table and talking to each other without cell phones or other devices. Enjoying them means sharing stories from family history so they know who they are. Telling stories of struggles and faith. Telling stories of survival and victory.

It is also about being supportive and forgiving of the mistakes that will surely come as they make choices and decisions to learn about the lessons of life. It is offering encouragement and sharing with them how you made it through the challenges of your life.

You can do this! With the grace and mercy of God, you and I can do this. How? By asking God for wisdom. Why? Because you are anointed, appointed, and equipped as a parent or parent figure. You are not alone.

So be glad and enjoy them as much as you can. Clap loudly for your granddaughter when she graduates. And say a prayer of thanksgiving for the blessings they bring as they move forward with life.


Pastor Holly

2 thoughts on “Enjoy them while you can…

  1. Nicely said 💗
    Growing up, Our parents were our biggest cheerleaders. They were very supportive and encouraging with everything “all seven of us” each wanted to experience. Our children and grandchildren are having the same experiences and we are passing down our love, traditions and experiences from our parents. Thank you “parents “ for the LOVE.
    MJ Williams-Coleman

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